Yasuo: Let me give you one little warning.

Lain: Huh?

Yasuo: When it’s all said and done, the Wired is just a medium of communication and the transfer of information. You mustn’t confuse it with the real world. Do you understand what I’m warning you about?

Lain: You’re wrong.

Yasuo: Huh?

Lain: The border between the two isn’t all that clear. I’ll be able to enter it soon. In full range. Full motion. I’ll translate myself into it.

Yasuo: Even with a top of the line civilian Navi, you couldn’t.

Lain: I can do it. I’ve modified mine.

Yasuo: A Psyche processor, huh? But…

Lain: Don’t worry. I’m still me.

Yasuo: Sometimes I wonder.